Ever Onward

In the face of unspeakable tragedy, good people transformed the humble corner of St. John’s & Central into an organic, evolving, community-driven art and music expression that spoke to the heart of humanity.

At the City’s behest, the activation nurtured here must move forward elsewhere. Of course, elements will be documented, but the piece is not the point. The point is the process. What we’ve created will endure.

For so many of us, this sacred memorial, as both noun and verb, has offered hope and healing, place and purpose – a way forward. 

Undoubtedly, this path must turn our collective anguish into action. The road marks are clear. Of all the lessons of July 4th, perhaps the greatest is this: The path ahead – whatever the incline – is one we must walk together.

A tiny placard in front of the altars read,
Leave what you want. Take what you need. 
That invocation remains. 


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sign in front of altars
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